SCHOOL pupils in the borough are set to go on a day out to educate them on the dangers of fire and how to react in an emergency if a blaze breaks out.

Youngsters will be taken to Bury Community Fire Safety Centre, where the team deliver an educational interactive experience.

This includes simulations showing the aftermath of car crashes, how to spot hazards in a home and the damage a house fire can cause.

Children will also get the chance to listen to real emergency calls.

The pupils will get the chance to answer questions on tablets throughout the session.

The state-of-the-art building opened in 2017.

Atherleigh's Labour councillors secured funding from Wigan Council's The Deal for Communities team and fire service staff to secure funding to pay for the transport to and from the centre.

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Cllr John Harding, served as Wigan borough’s fire commander from 2004 to 2009.

He said: “The GM Fire safety experience is completely free and is probably the best in children’s fire education in the country.

"Securing this funding will ensure children from all across our borough will receive the best fire safety education available and it will be something they will never forget.

"Having seen firsthand, over my thirty three years service, the devastating effects of fire, I am proud that collectively we have achieved this opportunity to help keep our families safe from fire and parents can expect their children to be educating them after their child returns from the visit.”

Cllr Debra Wailes said “When I visited the venue with Cllr Harding and our council staff, I was amazed by the layout and quality of the venue and by the commitment the instructional staff have to educating children.

"The success in securing this funding will ensure that our children and their families get the best chance to stay safe from fire”.

Borough schools who wish to send children should email