A FAMILY'S efforts to win a dream holiday to Walt Disney World Florida through Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway programme turned into a litter-picking session on Monday.

After the family watched the show at the weekend, Beki and Scott Crier along with their three children, who live in Hag Fold, entered a competition to be in with the chance of going to the spectacular destination.

As part of the rules, the family had to display a printed billboard in their front window in case the celebrity duo arrive at their doorstep to give them a welcome surprise

To raise awareness of their bid, Beki and the children, Melissa, 11, Chloe, nine, and Lathan, four, went around their estate after school on Monday carrying printed billboards.

But after spotting litter dumped on the ground, little Lathan asked his mum and sisters if they could pick up rubbish while they were out.

Leigh Journal:

Leigh Journal:

Leigh Journal:

Scott and Beki Crier with their three children

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Beki, 30, said: "Lathan keeps on saying 'the world is not trash' and asked if we could pick up rubbish which we did for around an hour and filled up a bin bag.

"We have just got a puppy called Bonnie and every time we go out for a walk with her the children want to take a bin bag up and collect rubbish.

"I love that they are thinking about the environment, not just the competition

"I think it is nice of children of their age thinking of something positive."