A WOULD-BE burglar on a bike approached a number of homes and vehicles on Saturday night and damaged a front door.

CCTV footage captured on The Avenue in Leigh at around 8.30pm shows a man on a bike entering the picture from the driveway of a house.

He then crosses the road and approaches the front door of another property.

Around 30 seconds later the suspect returns to the path and peers into the passenger side of a car using a torch.

Leigh Journal:

The cyclist opens the gate to the entrance of a house on The Avenue in Leigh on Saturday

The man, who wore a bobble hat, a dark coat and tracksuit bottoms, and carried a tyre over his shoulder, then opens the gate to the entrance of the neighbouring house and walks towards the front door.

More than two minutes later, he cycles out of the gate and makes off empty-handed along the path towards Hope Street.

The owner of house, who was not in at the time, said the cyclist had tried to break in and smashed a window in the front door before the alarm was set off, which alerted the resident via an app.

The homeowner now needs to pay hundreds of pounds for a new front door.

On the same night it was reported that other video footage captured the cyclist trying to gain entry to more homes and vehicles.

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Police say they received a call about a burglary.

No arrests have been made.

If you have any information contact police on 101 quoting incident number 3,125 of March 7.