A PRIMARY school has issued a letter to parents and careers advising them that a "member of the school community" has returned from at "at risk area" affected by coronavirus.

St Thomas CE Primary School in Leigh say the person, who is not a staff member and has recently returned from Italy, has shown no symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and is self-isolating as a precaution.

Acting head teacher Mrs Royal says the Astley Street school has been advised by Public Health England and the Department of Education to "continue as normal" so it will remain open.

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In the letter, Mrs Royal said: "Dear parents and carers, we have been made aware that a member of our school community has recently returned from an 'at risk' area for the coronavirus.

"They have taken the advice to self-isolate and at present there are no symptoms; this is a precautionary measure.

"In reaction to this information, we have taken advice from Public Health England and from a specialised Department for England phone line who have advised the school to continue as normal, as this is not a confirmed case of COVID-19.

"We ask that you remain vigilant and if you or your child becomes unwell to contact 111 and follow the advice that they give.

"It is necessary to maintain effective hand hygiene, washing regularly and in line with hand washing guidance.

"In school we will be insisting that all children and adults are washing hands at key points during the day and that our cleaning procedures are in line with recently published guidance.

"Please remember that at the present moment the case has not been confirmed and we do not need to worry unnecessarily and I will continue to inform you of any developments should they arise."