A POPULAR and "determined" seven-year-old girl with down syndrome has once again played her part in dispelling negative myths about her condition.

Bethany Parr, who lives in Leigh, starred in charity Wouldn't Change a Thing's latest campaign video which was released to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, Saturday, March 21.

She is one of a large number of children that features in the organisation's video, which shows them all having fun.

Parents also hold up written messages in the production which describes the type of characters they are, and signifies that their condition does not hold their lives back.

Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are is used as the background track with the lyrics fitting the campaign's goal perfectly.

Leigh Journal:

Bethany in the video

Beverley Parr and her husband Ian fostered Bethany from birth before adopting her.

Grandmother-of-seven Beverley, 59, said: "The campaign and the video is all about changing people's perceptions of down syndrome.

"What do you see? Some people just see the disability and not the ability.

"We look at Bethany and see a beautiful, happy little girl with the whole world at her feet.

We see determination to succeed in everything she does.

"Being involved with the campaign gives Bethany and us the opportunity to show people her life is worth living and shouldn't be screened out."

It is not the first time Bethany has played her part in raising the profile of Wouldn't Change A Thing.

Among other campaign appearances, she was in a video in which Makaton sign language was used and has featured in two calendars.

Beverley added: "Bethany has a lot of followers in our community which shows all the raising of awareness via social media is working.

"Her confidence has boomed and she has got over a few hurdles, like being able to walk into a room confidently."

To watch the video click here. Bethany appears in the video at 1:48.