WIGAN Council raised concerns to residents yesterday, Sunday, over "social distancing" after seeing "lots of people heading to the same parks and greenspaces".

Pennington Flash Country Park in Leigh is one of the greenspaces that council used as an example of a place being visited in large numbers, which is making Government advice to avoid contact to stop the spread of coronavirus difficult to follow.

The local authority announced it will be "restricting the number of visitors to key parks."

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A council spokesman said: "Despite advice regarding social distancing we're still seeing lots of people heading to the same parks and greenspaces in the borough.

"We know staying indoors on a nice sunny day isn't ideal but it will help to save lives. So please be kind and stay at home.

"To be clear this doesn't mean you can't go outside.

"Feel free to sit in the garden, go for a walk in your local area, but avoid places where there are lots of people as it will be difficult to stick to the social distancing measures.

"Please note we will be restricting the number of visitors to key parks."

For more information and guidance about social distancing visit wigan.gov.uk/bekind.