THE chief executive of the trust that runs the borough's hospital has praised a nurse who came to the aid of a pensioner with suspected coronavirus symptoms in her own time despite having worked a 12 hour shift and being in a car crash.

Earlier today, the Journal reported how 24-year-old mental health nurse Lucy Duncan from Atherton, had been on her way home from the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary on Thursday when someone crashed into her car then carried on driving.

Confused, Lucy, 24, went to see why the person was driving strangely and found a 73-year-old man slumped at the wheel and struggling to breathe.

She had nothing but a mask on her but she stayed with him keeping him company and assisted paramedics when they attended exposing herself to the virus to help.

Sadly, the pensioner died, as he had reportedly not eaten for 7-10 days due to being in self isolation.

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However Lucy's efforts to help the man have been commended by Journal readers and now by the chief executive of North West Boroughs Healthcare.

Simon Barber, Chief Executive at North West Boroughs Healthcare, said: “Lucy’s story is absolutely fantastic. It brought a tear to my eye.

“I spoke to her earlier to say a massive thank you and well done in person and she really is the most genuinely caring person.

"I’m not surprised she’s been overwhelmed by all the messages of support – it’s pretty incredible how much attention her social media post has attracted.

“I and the rest of North West Boroughs Healthcare are so very proud of Lucy’s quick-thinking and selfless actions to help someone in need.

"She is everything we could possibly want our staff to be and is a shining example of true NHS compassion in these difficult times. What a superstar.”

Wigan Council do have community hubs set up for those in need in the borough, however residents must either self refer or be referred to access these deliveries for items such as food and medical supplies.

If anyone is in urgent need of support, please call 01942 489018 and a worker from the nearest hub will be in touch as soon as possible.