LEIGH MP James Grundy has raised objections to a planning application for amendments to a road proposed to run through the Westleigh Waterfront development.

Proposed amendments would alter the layout of a road proposed to serve the 470 house development.

The MP says the revised plans would bring the road much closer to existing homes on Norley Road, Jessica Way and Johnson Close, heightening residents' concerns.

Mr Grundy also raised concerns regarding the timing of the application, stating that it would be difficult for the usual public consultation methods to enable engagement with residents given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Conservative Leigh MP said: “Whilst I understand that the original application for this site, was approved in 2017, I find it inappropriate that significant changes to this controversial planning application are being brought forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In a time of crisis like this, many people are not focused upon local planning matters, but instead looking after their friends, family and loved ones, as well as dealing with the significant changes that have been made to our everyday lives."

He added: “This is a major change to an already approved planning application, bringing the road much closer to existing properties, leading to a number of constituents raising their concerns with me regarding noise and air pollution, as well as worries about disrupting the reused colliery spoil upon which existing houses stand and potential flooding risks caused by extra pressure on the local drainage network.”

“I have written an objection letter to the council raising the concerns brought to my attention by local residents, and I hope the council will address these concerns before allowing this application to progress any further.”

A council spokesperson has previously said: "There is nothing to prevent a planning application being submitted during the COVID-19 lockdown, indeed the Government has instructed the planning process to continue.

"Therefore, the Local Planning Authority is required to continue to receive, validate, publicise, consult on and determine applications in line with normal processes and timescales."