A VIRTUAL concert is set to take place this Sunday, May 24 to raise funds towards a permanent memorial to Leigh-born Buzzcocks signer Pete Shelley.

The Pete Shelley memorial campaign formed following Pete’s death in December 2018 at the aged of 63. He suffered a heart attack in Estonia, where he lived.

Much has been done to mark Pete’s impact on the area, including a blue plaque being provided in his honour by Wigan Council last year.

Several sold out music events and an arts exhibition have also been held to raise money for the lasting tribute to him. The current total stands at £10,000.

Now, with the lockdown ongoing, musicians from across the country are coming together to host a Zoom concert this Sunday – and they are looking for more people to get involved.

Paul Lally, co-founder of the Pete Shelley Memorial Campaign, said: “We decided to do this to spread a bit of positivity during this lockdown while celebrating Pete’s life.

“We have got 10 artists or bands involved so far and we want others to come forward too so we can put on a kind of variety show.

“We had a lot of emails from many people all wanting to be involved and it’s not too late if you want to become involved, just drop us an email at peteshelley.msc@gmail.com.

“So far already lined up for the live stream are Brian Haddon who knew Pete from the late 70s when Buzzcocks were at the height of their career, as Brian was the guitarist with 70s punk band Eater and we’ve got Salford band The Harveys whose vocalist Tim Lyons also had a connection with Pete and Buzzcocks.

“We’ve got award winning Salford urban poet Simon Williams, the fantastic Eddie Mooney (a very well known performer with a career spanning all the way through from the 70s right up to the present day) and Negative Response a London-based electronic group.

“Local talented bands have also got on board to support the event by performing they include Same As It Ever Woz, Pink Shirts for Pale People and The Soneteers.

“We just think that especially now, it is so important to praise Pete for the music he did, the fact he is from our town and honestly a memorial to him is what this town needs, to boost aspirations.”

To watch the concert and to make a donation towards the memorial, go to peteshelleymemorial.com where you will be able to find details of the Zoom concert. The concert will take place from 3pm.

All donations via the page will go towards the memorial. It will also be put on the Facebook page of the same name.