A HEALTH and hygiene business has launched to provide PPE for people and businesses in Leigh and the north west.

COVID-19 Buster provides masks, gloves and 80 per cent sanitiser, as well as food parcels for individuals, family and relatives in care homes.

The business has supplied free PPE for Atherleigh Park and Leigh Infirmary.

It has also offered NHS accommodation for workers at Manchester Nightingale Hospital and the local NHS Trust.

And free meals have been provided for NHS workers following shifts on Saturday nights.

The firm is also disinfecting Leigh high street, starting from Bradshawgate and finishing at Railway Road.

With an eye on helping businesses reopen, it will also stock shop thermometers, distancing tape for stores, cleaning and potentially testing kits.

COVID 19 Buster is also looking at supporting small businesses with putting in place new measures, such as office space desk protectors and restaurant layouts.

There are units on site to show how group eating places and offices may look over the coming months.

John Hatchard, of COVID-19 Buster, said: “We would like to hear from any individuals or small businesses that want individual basic PPE protection now and to be able to operate safely when we come out of COVID and keep businesses operating – providing Leigh and north west essential services and some nice charity give back to the NHS.”

COVID-19 Buster are based in a unit on Brown Street, North Bradshawgate open 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.