LEIGH Centurions head coach John Duffy has urged rugby league bosses to confirm what Championship clubs will be playing for when or if the competition resumes later this year, writes Trevor Baxter.

Plans have circulated which could see second and third tier clubs returning to action at the end of August.

But there appears little movement on whether there will be promotion to the top-flight.

Centurions owner Derek Beaumont has been a vocal advocate for a return to action with the added incentive of tilting for a place among the game’s elite, where Leigh were last competing in 2017.

Duffy believes it is feasible for the game to re-start in late August even if that almost certainly means playing behind closed doors.

“Everything is changing so quickly with the government and now they are on about pubs and restaurants opening up again,” said Duffy.

“So, I cannot see why not.

“I know we have got to get things in place around testing. And they are asking each club now to have a Covid officer. But there is no reason why it can’t be done.

“I thought we would have had an answer from the RFL by now. I don’t see why it is dragging on this much.

“All we want to know is whether there will be a chance to go up if we get back.

“Then we can crack on with trying to sort out how many fixtures will be played so it is not putting too much on the players, especially those who have got jobs.”

Duffy admits the uncertainty is becoming more stressful, especially with decisions to be made on contracts for 2021.

Toronto’s former Leigh hooker, Andy Ackers, is just one of the players to have cemented his future for next year, agreeing a two-year deal with Salford Red Devils.

“There is going to be a time soon when we have to to make a decision on everyone’s future for next season,” said Duffy.

“With our lads and the way they started the season, there could be lots of clubs into them even though they want to stay where they are and carry on at Leigh Centurions.

“I was in the same situation in my playing days. You start panicking and wondering what is going on.

“It is even more so with our lads because a high percentage are full-time and don’t have another job.

“With us not having a concrete answer from the governing body everyone is getting a bit stressed. Hopefully, we can get an answer soon.”