LOCKDOWN has posed mentally challenging times for many people.

This is what led to the artistic director of a dance theatre decided to reach out to share insights and exercises to help people combat stress during the difficult period of the coronavirus lockdown.

Paul Bayes Kitcher, of the Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, has been sharing techniques to help people online.

"What we do at Fallen Angels is by doing some physical techniques we can get into the body and out of our minds, which releases stress and tension," he said.

Fallen Angels is usually based on a Friday at The Turnpike. However, since social distancing measures, they have been delivering 'Together While Apart' a new, vibrant online programme helping people overcoming significant challenges including mental health challenges, addiction, and other disadvantages.

“Together while Apart has been a fantastic opportunity to come together and support each

other through these challenging times. We are connecting with our Angels now more than ever before,” added Paul.

This project includes high-quality creative dance workshops and learning opportunities, and valuable peer support with their creative online platform. Fallen Angels is grateful for support from National Lottery Community Fund for this project.

“We hope that this online programme will enable their community dancers to transition

back in to their activities at The Turnpike as soon as possible, when it is safe to do so,”said Paul.

Through online interaction, Fallen Angels are continuing their second phase of a significant project with visual artist, Frances Disley and The Turnpike. After completing phase one of the collaboration prior to lockdown, they have reactivated the second stage of the project online, with a view to reconvening as a residency once The Turnpike has reopened.

See theturnpike.org.uk/activations or fallenangelsdancetheatre.co.uk or view Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’s Youtube channel.