PLANS have been drawn up for permission to build nine homes on land off the East Lancashire Road in Lowton.

Proposals have been submitted to the council by applicant Joe Murphy seeking permission in principal for the creation of up to nine homes following demolition of existing buildings at land to the rear of 116 East Lancashire Road.

If approved, a follow up application outlining the details of proposed development would then be submitted.

The site comprises the land to the rear of a semi-detached home adjacent to an access road. The access road leads to an area of land to the back of the properties fronting the East Lancashire Road which contains a range of buildings including stables, vehicles and piles of building materials and wood products.

Plans say "the proposal also seeks to establish that that the main thrust of the redevelopment will be confined to the built areas as now and that the equestrian use area is outside the development area for the consideration of this application".

They add: "In conclusion therefore it is considered that in principle, the proposed redevelopment of the application site for residential purposes is acceptable".

Plans are on consultation until Friday, July 3.