DISTRACTION burglars pretending to be police officers have been targeting properties in Golborne.

The offenders have talked themselves into people's houses and one distracts the occupant while others steal property from upstairs.

Police are urging people to ask anyone claiming to be an officer who calls at an address to see their ID and not let them in unless they are satisfied as to their identity.

GMP said: "If anybody attends at your address claiming to be a police officer make sure you ask to see their identification. It should contain a picture and have a blue background, police support staff have a green background.

"If you are not happy do not let them in. You can make further checks via the 101 police line."

They added: "We have received a number of reports where suspects are purporting to be police officers. The victims in the case have lost a significant amount of money.

"This is a despicable act preying on the vulnerable members of our community.

"The victims in the case are all being supported by our Cyber and Economic Awareness Service

"We are currently investigating this matter but please help us to prevent this scam by sharing this information."