POLICE are putting a dispersal order in place around Bickershaw Country Park this weekend as part of their bid to prevent illegal gatherings.

Last month saw hundreds attend an illegal rave at the beauty spot with a huge volunteer effort needed to clean up the mess.

Police have also been called to large-scale illegal gatherings across Greater Manchester in recent weeks.

Officers say they are using significant resources to prevent any such events taking place, in particular at Bickershaw Country Park, with a dispersal zone in place.

A dispersal order means that the police can ask a group of two or. more people to leave the area if they are doing anything. wrong, or if they believe that they may or are likely to cause a nuisance to someone else.

Greater Manchester Police said: "Local policing teams have recently responded to several large-scale illegal gatherings across Greater Manchester.

"These are recklessly organised events that have shown no regard to the safety of the people who have attended or to the upset that has been caused to the local communities.

"As a result of the ongoing police response to these incidents, a Dispersal Notice and significant police resources are in place to prevent any events of this type taking place in the Wigan and Leigh areas over this weekend, and specifically to prevent any further such event in Bickershaw Country Park.

"Police will have the authority to turn away all none residents from the area.

"If anyone has any information in relation to any potential illegal gatherings, please contact the local policing teams on the 101 service or via Crimestoppers online or via telephone on 0800 555 111."