MORE than 40 neighbours, and their children, took part in a street wide in bloom competition to boost morale during lockdown.

The Sheriff In Bloom competition takes place every year on Sheriffs Drive in Tyldesley.

This year, 41 floral displays, including seven junior entrants took part in the competition.

Resident Carole Lealand organised the competition for the best garden and best flower pots or tubs and gave residents and their children a chance to enter.

Prizes were given to the best three displays in each category.

Carole said: “Residents in Sheriffs Drive take pride in their street and have spent a lot of time and energy in making their gardens look beautiful and welcoming.

"I thank the residents and especially the children who took part in the contest and I hope next year’s competition will be even bigger and better.”

Tyldesley Councillor Nazia Rehman, who judged the competition, added: “We are in the middle of a pandemic and people have to spend a lot of their time indoors and this type of competition is a great way to be in touch with your neighbours and bring the community together.

“No doubt looking after and beautifying a garden adds value to a house or a street but, more importantly, it gives the community a sense of pride and has a positive impact on our environment.

"It was my pleasure to come out and judge the contest that I hope will grow with each year.”