JOURNAL reader Paula Breeze dropped us a line with this picture.

It shows the Golden Fleece Inn in Astley and Paula believes it can help with research into her family tree.

Paula wrote: “I would like to know more about the Golden Fleece Inn, The Straits, Astley.

“At one time my great grandma Agnes Violet Breeze lived there with her 17 children.

“I can’t seem to find out any information about when they lived there?

“Was it still running as a Inn when they where there?

“How long did they live there for?

“All I have is a picture which I will attach, and the fact that at one time it was nicknamed ‘Breeze’s Corner’ as there were so many of them. I appreciate any help you can give me.”

If you have any information contact Paula by email or call 07597127992.

n If you have a picture from yesteryear that you would like to share with the Journal email