A FAMILY-RUN farm shop has announced it has closed temporarily due to a member of staff testing positive for coronavirus.

Windy Arbour Farm Shop on Ashton Road, Billinge has decided to close for 14 days as a precaution, it has announced on its Facebook page this morning.

The post says that "in the interests of public safety" all staff are isolating for 14 days.

The post, which was shared this morning (Monday), read: "We're very sad to report that a member of our staff here has had a positive COVID result over the weekend.

"Whilst our customer/staff protection is excellent, and your time in the shop doesn’t constitute 'close contact', ultimately we work closely together across the day so in the interest of public safety we have, with regret taken the decision for everyone on the team to isolate for 14 days.

"Nobody else has symptoms and we have advised everyone to get tested in any event.

"That means obviously that we have to close for that period. Our thoughts are with this person as they get themselves through it."

It added: "This is heartbreaking for us having just reopened and suffered the effects of the road being closed which as you know is now open! But that’s the unpredictable nature of an unprecedented pandemic.

"If all goes to plan we will reopen Tuesday, August 25 when we hope we can look forward to your support to get going again!

"Stay safe folks and don't be complacent with your own routines

"Regards, Geoff & Rach".