THE rider of a motorised mountain bike hit big pot holes and fell into a bramble bush while being chased by police.

Greater Manchester Police Traffic officers said they were in pursuit of a mountain bike on Orchard Lane, Leigh shortly before 8pm on Tuesday evening (September 8).

Police say the bike had an engine attached to it which means the rider needed a driving licence and insurance to travel on it.

During the chase, the bike travelled up to 40mph and the rider then hit big pot holes in the road, leading them to fall into a bramble bush.

Officers allege the rider had no licence or insurance and issued a summons to the rider.

Leigh Journal:

On social media, a spokesman for GMP Traffic said: "This is the strangest pursuit I've ever had and it even managed to get up to 40mph before the rider hit the big pot holes down Orchard Lane, Leigh and fell into a bramble bush.

"When you stick an 80cc engine on to a mountain bike you have changed it's use to become a motor vehicle requiring insurance and a valid driver licence.

"When you fail to stop for traffic it's only going to end one way. Section 165 RTS (Road Traffic Act) and a summons."