RECENT power cuts in Golborne are not caused by new housing but are due to damaged underground cables, the region's power network operator has confirmed.

Electricity North West began its £30,000 investment project in the area on Tuesday replacing cables on Nook Lane.

Engineers are replacing two underground electricity cables, first installed in the 1950s, with 900m of new cable.

Electricity North West is responding to recent power cuts in the area and have fast tracked the investment and work, which would normally take up to three months. The work is expected to be completed in two weeks.

The Journal reported on power cuts in the Golborne area twice over recent weeks.

Concerns had been raised by some residents that the power cuts were caused due to increased development in the area, however, investigations have shown that this is not the case.

Engineers from the network company have confirmed that there is sufficient capacity available, and that the faults are solely down to damage to the underground cables, which are now being replaced.

Paul McMahon, who is overseeing the work in Golborne for Electricity North West, said: “There have been issues with a couple of sections of underground cable in Golborne but, rather than just replace those sections, we are replacing two cables with a combined length of 900m. We’ve worked closely with the local authority and are getting the new cables in as quickly as possible.

“We’re writing to residents in the affected area and I encourage anyone with any questions to speak to us. In the current situation we can’t really hold a public meeting, so instead we’ll be holding a Q&A on our Facebook page on Wednesday evening between 6-7pm. Please send us any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

“Power cuts could still occur until the replacement cables are installed so I want to thank the people of Golborne for their patience and support while we complete this work.”

Electricity North West has also met with Leigh MP James Grundy to provide updates on the Nook Lane project.

Leigh Journal:

Mr Grundy said: “Several constituents contacted me regarding the power cuts in Golborne and I’m pleased to have met with Electricity North West to hear about their progress with the project.

“I’m happy that they have got on with this project straight away and it is good to know that it will be completed soon. I will continue to speak with Electricity North West to ensure the work continues to progress as planned.”

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