A TEENAGE burglar was caught after a security app alerted a homeowner to a break-in.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Christian Clementson was awoken by an alert on his phone at 12.40am on March 5 warning him that there was movement outside his home.

Daniel Calder, prosecuting, told how Mr Clementson looked out of the window of the house in Runfield Close, Leigh, to see a man in his back garden.

"He shouted at the male who moved to the side gate and then saw a separate male emerge from the back garden and run towards the front of the house," said Mr Calder.

"There was a third male acting as a lookout."

The men ran to a BMW parked further up the street.

Inspecting his property, Mr Clementson found attempts had been made to break in, damaging his patio door handle and CCTV footage showed one of the men trying to force it open.

Just over half an hour later police spotted the BMW in Newbrook Road, Over Hulton, Bolton.

After a short chase the car was stopped and 17-year-old Connor Cartwright was found in the front passenger seat. The clothes he was wearing matched those of one of the men seen on Mr Clementson's CCTV.

The teenager had a small amount of cannabis on him and a pair of gloves.

Cartwright, now aged 18, of Kirkstall Gardens, Radcliffe, pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and possessing cannabis.

Estell Parkhouse, defending, stressed that since his arrest Cartwright has not breached his curfew and has found work.

"There has been a change in his behaviour and he accepts full responsibility," she said.

"He was involvement was predominantly as a result of his immaturity and the influence of others."

Cartwright was sentenced to an 18-month community order with 60 hours of unpaid work and 25 days of rehabilitation activities.

Judge Graeme Smith told him: "In March of this year you did not set out initially to commit a crime. You were with others who were older and more mature than you.

"When it became clear that they were intending to commit a crime, you rashly decided to go along with it.

"This is one of those rare cases where, although the custodial threshold is passed, in light of all the circumstances, it is not necessary for me to impose a custodial sentence."