POLICE have disclosed details of Sunday's crash on the East Lancashire Road between a van and a car.

A stretch of the East Lancs was closed for a while after the collision near to Shell Garage, between Haydock and Golborne on Sunday morning.

The crash, which involved a Fiat 500 and a Ford Transit, happened at around 9.20am on the East Lancs eastbound.

A lamppost was also damaged in the collision.

A police spokesman said: "It was reported at 9.20am and was a two-vehicle collision involving a Fiat 500 and Ford Transit on the eastbound of the East Lancs Road by Shell Garage.

"It was damage only and the road was closed eastbound from Haydock Island due to vehicle recovery and further damage to a lamppost. Both vehicles were recovered."

A traffic feed update yesterday said the stretch of the road had reopened by 3pm.

The incident affected traffic leaving the M6 and heading towards Manchester.