PARENTS of students at Golborne High School have been emailed by the school after it was evacuated after reports of a 'bomb threat' to the school. 

Officers were called to a report of a threat made towards the school on Lowton Road in Golborne, shortly after 12.20pm today, Monday, November 23.

Police attended and enquiries are on-going.

There is not believed to be any genuine threat to the school and officers are treating the incident as a hoax.

The school was evacuated as a precautionary measure. 

An email sent to parents from the school on Lowton Road, read: "Good afternoon, firstly, can I thank you for your fast response to today's emergency situation.

"I know you must have been very worried but I was unable to disclose any information and my priority was keeping the children and staff safe.

"I can now explain that we received a bomb threat which the police took seriously.

"We had a precise amount of time we were given before the alleged attack would take place.

"This meant that we needed to evacuate the school to a a safe place and keep the children calm.

"The staff were amazing as were your children.

"We successfully safeguarded the children and evacuated the school, in a calm and ordely manner, to allow the police to search the premises.

"I can reassure you that the school is safe and that school will be open as normal tomorrow.

"Sadly, we live in strange times when selfish and dangerous behaviour such as this is becoming more frequent.

"However the most important thing is that everybody is safe and well and we can continue the business of education as normal."