POLICE have issued a warning about obstructive parking near to school in Lowton and Golborne

Officers issued a statement on the GMP Leigh, Atherton & Hindley Facebook page over the issue.

Incidents have included cars blocking pavements and issues with regards to parking near tp primary schools in the area.

In the statement, released on Friday, GMP Golborne and Lowton Neighbourhood Team said: "While out yesterday I saw the traffic warden out and about in Golborne and a few cars issued tickets in and around Heath Street.

"Parking issues are in the whole dealt with by wardens now and only a small number of offences are given tickets by the police. One of these is unnecessary obstruction (i.e fully blocking the pavement).

"We have been responding to complaints from local residents and have been advising people re parking near to schools and yes I know we should be outside every school in the area but there are only three patrols to cover Golborne and Lowton and we are dealing with on going issues as well."

Police added: "Parents have been advised about parking on the footpath and the entrance to the Elms outside Lowton J+I (Junior and Infants) despite the schools asking them not to and there are plenty of parking spaces at the rear of the social club.

"When spoken to you would think I've asked them to park 3 miles away.

"Golborne J+I have also had issues outside the school and one with a particular mother who tried to drive off before the PCSOs could speak to her but got blocked in, you know you shouldn't be there and if seen again no advice but a straight ticket will be given.

"These restrictions are put in place to keep our children safe and able to get to and from school without obstruction, just because you`re five mins late or, in reality, can`t be bothered walking an extra two mins, then you're putting yours and other children at risk."