PRIME Minister Boris Johnson said he has 'no doubt' that schools are safe and parents should send primary children back to classrooms next week where schools remain open.

It was confirmed on Friday that all London primary schools will remain shut to most pupils next week – rather than just those in certain boroughs as set out earlier in the week.

But, teaching unions have been urging the Government to close all schools for the next two weeks.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One, Mr Johnson said he understood people’s concerns about children returning for the new term, but said education is 'a priority'.

"Schools are safe. It is very, very important to stress that," the Prime Minister said.

"The risk to kids, to young people, is really very, very small indeed.

"The risk to staff is very small.

"I would advise all parents thinking about what to do, look at where your area is - overwhelmingly you’ll be in a part of the country where primary schools tomorrow will be open.

"I understand people’s frustrations, I understand people’s anxieties but there is no doubt in my mind that schools are safe and that education is a priority."

On Saturday evening, the Department for Education said remote learning was 'a last resort' and classrooms should reopen 'wherever possible' with appropriate safety measures to help mitigate the risk of coronavirus transmission.

A spokesperson added: "As we’ve said, we will move to remote education as a last resort, with involvement of public health officials, in areas where infection and pressures on the NHS are highest."

Under the Government’s initial plan, secondary schools and colleges were set to be closed to most pupils for the first two weeks of January, while primary schools within 50 local authorities in the south of England, including 23 London boroughs, were also told to keep their doors shut until January 18.

Now, from January 4, all London primary schools will be required to provide remote learning for two weeks to all children, except vulnerable children and those of key workers who will be allowed to attend.