PARENTS have rated a nursery in Leigh as one of the top 20 in the region.

Bluestone Nursery, Leigh, was chosen as one of the Top 20 nurseries, out of 1,575 early years settings in the North West.

The 20 nurseries received an award from reviews site,, with the award based on the nursery’s reviews from the children’s families and carers.

The nurseries were rated on overall standard, facilities and outside space, learning, resources and equipment and ICT, care, activities, staff, food and nutrition, management, cleanliness, safeguarding as well as value for money.

Amanda Hopkins, reviews manager of, said: “We would like to congratulate Bluestone Nursery, Leigh on being rated by parents as a top nursery in North West England. Being chosen as one of the best nurseries by family and carers of children that attend the setting is a huge achievement.

“This year has been a huge challenge for nurseries, many of whom were offering childcare to vulnerable and keyworker children during lockdown and have now opened up fully, giving parents and children that vital return to ‘normality’.

“We hope these awards will boost the spirits of nursery staff and give parents valuable guidance in choosing the right nursery for their child.

“Reviews of our Top 20 nurseries show these settings stimulate and nurture children, enhancing their social and emotional wellbeing as well as their learning.”

Jackie Rowson, nursery manager, said: “Everyone at Bluestone Nursery all feel honoured to receive the award for the second year running. It has been an exceedingly difficult year with the Global Pandemic taking place, but with the strong team effort and ethos we have, this enabled us to all work together for the children, families, and staff at our nursery. This award is extra special to us at Bluestone Nursery as it comes from the families that we work with, provide a service for.”

Ciaran Flynn, founder of Child Paths, added: “With nurseries allowed open again, it will bring back some sort of normality needed for children, parents and teachers. I think the awards are very timely as it will bring a positive element to what is a very challenging time for every nursery around the country.

“It is fantastic that celebrate these awards by rewarding excellence and recognising what nurseries bring to society and acknowledge this great sector. It really is so important to showcase the hard work, experience, knowledge and qualifications from each nursery and how they are so passionate about each child's welfare, learning and development.

“We are very grateful to be in a position to help enhance communication between teachers, parents and children during this difficult time. Eliminating paperwork to spend more time with children while reducing physical contact and helping to promote social distancing are benefits our system always offered but now are more critical to the day to day running of nurseries to limit the spread of the disease.

“Sponsoring the awards is also very timely for Child Paths Software as it offers every nursery so many benefits that will help enhance communication within the nursery, save money and a huge amount of time on administration, again it's taken a pandemic to really showcase the benefits and value we offer nurseries. We are delighted to partner and be the exclusive sponsor of the”

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