ASTLEY & Tyldesley Cycling Club’s application to Sport England for funding for their Return to Play scheme has been successful.

Sport England have agreed to fully fund the required £6,546, to ensure that facilities are Covid compliant for when activities resume at the Gin Pit cycle speedway track, Meanley Road.

It is stated in the grant award letter from Sport England: “This project will purchase a cabin, to provide changing facilities for users, which are compliant with social distancing, along with tables, chairs and lockers.

“Sanitising equipment and materials will be provided to ensure that the premises are kept clean at all times.

“Face masks and thermometers will be provided for personal safety together with additional equipment in the form of Covid compliance signage and a card reader, to facilitate non-cash collection of income.

“This will all help the cycle speedway track to become Covid compliant safe and help get cyclists back to the track.”

Astley &Tyldesley Cycling Club development officer Mike Hack stated: “Users will be able to return to the club when suspension of activities has been lifted, confident in the knowledge that the club has made considerable efforts to ensure that the facilities will be Covid compliant safe.

“We thank Sport England for their financial support in helping us with our return to activities.”