A PICTURE of Brunswick FC. dating back to 1928 has stirred a great response from Journal readers.

The picture of the team,who won the league and cup in 1928, was sent in to the Journal by a resident who said hey could only identify one player, Albert Hampson.

David Raines said: "The player, middle row, second from the right is William Raines. He was my grandad. This picture has come as a pleasant surprise as none of the family knew that he played football.

"We are quite a sporty family so it shouldn't have been a surprise.

"His two sons played Rugby Union at Tyldesley, with Vinnie going on to play for Oldham Rugby League, whilst John still holds the record of tries scored in a season at Tyldesley with 49."

Cliff Hampson said he thinks Albert Hampson was his uncle. He said: "My dad used to talk about playing football for Brunswick I wonder if it was the same era my father's name was Earnest his brothers were Albert, Fred, Bill and Richard. They were a well-known family in that area. Albert has two sons Alan and Frank."