BOLTON West and Atherton MP Chris Green has spoken out over the use of face masks and the potential for vaccine passports.

Mr Green recently voted against the extension of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Parliament and has for many months now been outspoken about continuing lockdown restrictions.

Now he has again made his position clear over the potential use of ‘vaccine passports’ for hospitality or non-essential retail, and more recently over the need for people to wear face coverings.

‘Vaccine passports’ would require someone to show proof of a coronavirus vaccination before being allowed into certain venues while face masks have been mandatory in indoor venues, such as supermarkets for nearly a year.

Mr Green, said: “Many constituents have been getting in touch with me about their concerns over the Covid status certification. There are big concerns over having a two-tier society, some people having privileges that others are denied, and also questions where this data will end up, your private health data.

“Or whether there’s a need for it because hospitalisations and deaths have come down so much. I don’t think the UK is the sort of country where we would expect officials or the police to be able to say ‘show me your papers’ so I am against this.”

Parliament voted to extend coronavirus laws for another six months on March 25. This granted emergency powers to government to handle the pandemic, such as limiting public gatherings, order businesses such as shops or pubs and restaurants to close, and schools to shut.

Chris Green voted with other prominent Conservative MPs such as Sir Graham Brady and David Davis against this being extended, however, the bill passed with ease.

Yasmin Qureshi, Bolton South East MP and Mark Logan, MP for Bolton North East, voted to extend restrictions as part of the same process.

Mr Green has now questioned the use of face masks, which have become part of day-to-day life for nearly everyone.

He has highlighted a video from April 3 of deputy chief medical officer, Jonathan Van Tam, saying: “There is no evidence that general wearing of face masks by the public who are well stops the spread of Covid-19 ­— what matters right now is social distancing.”

The MP questioned the need to wear face coverings, which have been a legal requirement since July last year.

He said: “Ministers and professors, at the beginning of the pandemic, opposed the general wearing of face masks and then the position flipped almost overnight.

"There is no authoritative evidence to justify the general wearing of masks so why is it required?"