ONE third of the seats at the council are up for grabs at the election in May.

At least one councillor will be elected in each of the 25 wards in the borough.

Labour currently have a majority at the council with 57 councillors in total.

The Conservatives are no longer the main opposition group as more members joined the Independent Network in March, overtaking the Tories’ total of seven sitting councillors – down from eight due the death of one councillor last year.

Eight councillors now belong to the Independent Network, including all six Atherton and Bryn councillors with one in Hindley and one in Hindley Green.

Independent councillors Bob Brierley and Janet Brown are not part of a group.

There are 97 candidates from nine parties competing for 26 positions in total.

Conservative and Labour candidates will be standing in every council ward, with two candidates from each in Orrell where there are two seats available.

The Lib Dems have 23 candidates, but none in Astley Mosley Common or Ince.

There will be nine candidates described as Independent on the ballot paper with a further three Independent Network candidates in Atherleigh, Atherton and Hindley, one Shevington Independent and one Standish Independent.

Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley Together will have six candidates standing in total.

There is one UKIP candidate and one Reform UK candidate in the borough.

Residents will also be voting for the position of Greater Manchester mayor.

Here’s a list of every candidate who will be on the ballot in Wigan on May 6:


David William Bowker – Independent

Beverley Anne Bridgwater – Conservative

Daniel Jack Simm – Liberal Democrats

Martyn Smethurst – Labour


Danny Fletcher – Labour

Geoffrey Stephen Matthews – Liberal Democrats

Edward Francis Sturdy – Conservative

Aspull New Springs Whelley

Laura Jean Flynn – Labour

Andrew Julian Lee Holland – Liberal Democrats

John Arnold Hulme – Independent

Luke Christian Marsden – Conservative

Astley Mosley Common

David John Stirzaker – Conservative

Paula Anne Wakefield – Labour


Paul Lambert Fairhurst – Conservative

Lorraine Gillon – Liberal Democrats

John Arthur Harding – Labour

Natasha Louise Hodgkinson – Independent Network

Zoë Irlam – Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley Together


Julie Ann Hilling – Labour

Jamie Hodgkinson – Independent Network

Emily Jane Siddall – Conservative

Quinton John Smith – Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley Together


Judith Atherton – Conservative

Mary Gwendoline Callaghan – Labour

Steve Jones – Independent

Denise Melling – Liberal Democrats


Margaret Atherton – Conservative

Patricia Draper – Labour

Donald John Macnamara – Liberal Democrats

Golborne & Lowton West

Stanley Crook – Conservative

Yvonne Marie Klieve – Labour

Susan Jillian Spibey – Independent

Brian Edward Witt – Liberal Democrats


Alan Leslie Baines – Independent

Paul John Blay – Labour

Hilda Bridget Byrne – Independent Network

John Charles Skipworth – Liberal Democrats

Mark Michael Temperton – Conservative

Hindley Green

Bob Brierley – Independent

Paul John Chapman – Conservative

James Thomas Palmer – Labour

Graham Trevor Suddick – Liberal Democrats


Allan Atherton – Conservative

Jordan James Gaskell – UKIP

David Trevor Molyneux – Labour

Leigh East

Trevor Barton – Independent

Keith Cunliffe – Labour

James Falle Geddes – Conservative

James Edward Morley – Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley Together

Lewis David Parkin – Liberal Democrats

Leigh South

Kevin Anderson – Labour

Simon Paul Brooks – Liberal Democrats

Dave Fraser – Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley Together

Joshua James Yates – Conservative

Leigh West

Sue Greensmith – Labour

Sharon-Lee Honey – Liberal Democrats

Gerard Joseph Houlton – Conservative

Jayson Michael Allan Lomax-Hargreaves – Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley Together

Lowton East

Marie Elizabeth Cooper – Conservative

Garry Peter Lloyd – Labour

Christopher John Noon – Liberal Democrats


Marjorie Clayton – Conservative

Joseph Christopher Saunders – Labour

Neil Duncan Stevenson – Liberal Democrats

Mark Ian Tebbutt – Labour

Stuart David Thomas – Liberal Democrats

Michael William Winstanley – Conservative


David John Burley – Liberal Democrats

Jean Margaret Peet – Conservative

Jeanette Prescott – Labour

Shevington with Lower Ground

Brian Craig Duff Crombie-Fisher – Liberal Democrats

Michael John Crosby – Labour

Gareth William Fairhurst – Shevington Independents

Gary Robinson – Conservative

Standish with Langtree Ward

Debbie Fairhurst – Standish Independents

Caroline Waddicor – Liberal Democrats

Raymond Whittingham – Conservative

Dave Wood – Labour


Susan Atherton – Conservative

Jack Eiddon Davies – Liberal Democrats

James Anthony Fish – Reform UK

Julian David Marsh – Leigh, Atherton & Tyldesley Together

Antonino Panebianco – Independent

Nazia Tabussam Rehman – Labour

Wigan Central

Lawrence Hunt – Labour

Benjamin James Thomas – Liberal Democrats

Joe Worthington – Conservative

Wigan West

Ian Dyer – Liberal Democrats

Terrence William Halliwell – Labour

Marie Winstanley – Conservative


Paul Terence Kenny – Labour

Michael Colin Owens – Conservative

Robert Duncan Stevenson – Liberal Democrats

Worsley Mesnes

Danny Cooke – Independent

David Roland Hurst – Labour

John Parrott – Liberal Democrats

Cyril Pendlebury – Conservative

The polls open at 7am on Thursday, May 6 and will close at 10pm.

Residents in the city have until Monday, April 19 to register to vote and until Tuesday, April 20 to register for a postal vote.

Those who have not registered cannot vote in the elections.