POLICE say they will step up patrols in response to off-road vehicles causing a nuisance at Bickershaw Country Park.

In a post on GMP Leigh, Atherton & Hindley's Facebook page, police said they have had reports of vehicle crime across Hindley and nearby areas.

A statement said: "Unfortunately we have seen an increase in vehicle crime across both Abram and Hindley with several stolen vehicles recovered in these areas. We would encourage people to be mindful about keeping their homes and vehicles secured. If anyone has any information about the theft of stolen vehicles please get in touch.

"We have made arrests in relation to vehicle crime and will update you with the results of their day in court in due course where applicable.

"Particular care should be taken when securing motorcycles outside shops."

Officers said Bickershaw Country Park was an area of concern.

They added: "Off road nuisance on Bickershaw Country park will continue to be looked at by the neighbourhood teams for both Abram and Leigh as well as the safer roads tasking team. This extends to their use on public highways.

"Off roading on Close Lane, Hindley Green has also generated a number of complaints. This area will also be the subject of regular patrols.

"We will continue to work with our partner agencies to support the vulnerable in our society as well as support victims of crime."