SPINNING Gate Shopping Centre in Leigh has provided a rainbow of hope on the mall, spreading much needed positivity for shoppers, reminding them that brighter times are ahead.

The three meter arch has been decorated with 1,000 colourful LED rainbow lights providing a colourful welcome back for shoppers, creating a centre piece for photo opportunities in centre.

Shoppers are invited to have their photos taken alongside the archway tagging the shopping centre in and using the hashtag #brightertimes on social media channels.

The centre's Christmas decorations provider Fizzco provided the rainbow archway to help spinning gate give back to shoppers and the community of Leigh.

Company Director at Fizzco, Wendy Clarkson said: "We want to help Spinning Gate Shopping Centre create a fun and welcoming shopping experience for the people of Leigh and we look forward to seeing photos of shoppers with the arch in centre."

Karen Cox, Centre Manager added: “Our rainbow of hope is here to add a little colour and provide a little hope for better and brighter times ahead.

"Our shoppers have remained loyal and have continued to support and shop local for essentials during all three national lockdowns.

"We wanted to spread a little joy and positivity, thanking all our shoppers for continuing to safely shop in centre with us."

The rainbow of hope is positioned outside Costa Coffee until Friday, May 7.

A full list of stores which are now re-open is available on the centre's social media channels and on spinninggate.co.uk.