GREATER Manchester Police (GMP) has donated 2,400 tablets to the region’s technology fund to support young people and families facing digital exclusion.

The fund was launched at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic by Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham to help young people with technology and connectivity issues and enable them to continue their learning at home while schools and colleges remained closed.

The latest donation from GMP was made by the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority who chose to give tablets to the fund and has supported a total of 3,527 people and 132 schools and colleges since it was launched.

Recent ONS (Office of National Statistics) figures highlighted the issue of digital exclusion and the fact it is an ongoing problem but the 2,400 tablets donated by GMP have been distributed to primary schools and local device lending libraries across local boroughs to support young learners, families and communities to benefit from the opportunities offered by digital access.

Assistant chief constable Chris Sykes said: “We’re pleased to support young people across Greater Manchester reach their full potential by donating these tablets.

“We are aware of the struggles families have faced throughout the pandemic, especially those without technology to access remote learning, which is why we’re so proud to support this positive initiative and help families in need.”

GMP’s donation marks the transition of the technology fund from an emergency response helping youngsters while settings were closed to a long term support scheme for young learners to tackle the digital divide in communities.

Last week, Mayor Andy Burnham launched a new ambition to equip all under 25s, over 75s and disabled people with the skills, connectivity and technology to get online.

More information about donating or recycling old digital devices is available by visiting