A JOURNAL reader got in touch to share his memories of the Majestic cinema in Tyldesley after seeing a photo of the venue on a previous Looking Back page.

Roy Smith said: "I lived in Shakerley which was nearby and visited quite often.

"As a child I went to the 'Threepenny Rush' on a Saturday afternoon. We queued up on the left side of the building as you were facing the cinema and the entry was by a door by the screen. We paid by the threepenny piece. The cinema was usually quite full.

"Occasionally there were elements of poor behaviour when children would talk or stamp their feet perhaps through excitement.

"Order was quickly restored since the emergency doors on both sides of the cinema were fully opened and no one could see what was on the screen.

"There was an area at the back where the seats were quite plush and of a green material and one had to pay extra for these. In my younger youth, my life's ambition was to sit in one of these. This was fulfilled after some time when my aunt 'treated me'."

"There were two showings or 'houses' each evening and the programme was changed mid-week. The cinema , like all others, was closed on a Sunday."