An EXHIBITION celebrating the creativity of local people and the cultural richness of Wigan Borough and Angers is now open inside Leigh library.

The #LoveYourTwinTown exhibition has been launched locally by Wigan Council’s Ambassadress for Angers, Lucie Thecua, to celebrate the borough’s twinning relationship with the French town.

The exhibition showcases the diversity, unique landscapes, heritage and architectural richness of Wigan, Leigh and Angers, bringing together the different cultures in one place.

Forty cultural images - selected from a total of 270 – are on show after residents were asked to share their favourite photographs of the towns.

The images are wide ranging, showing Mesnes Park, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Leigh Town Hall, as well as popular places in Angers such as Pont de Verdun, Castle of Angers, and the Cathedral.

Lucie said: “Working on the exhibition has been really inspiring because I’ve seen lots of great photographs showcasing the beauty of both towns.”

“We were delighted with the response and quality of photographs we received, and I’d like to thank everyone who got involved.”

The project aligns closely with the borough’s cultural manifesto and commitment to making arts and culture accessible to all by encouraging local people to express their creativity through photography.

The images were initially launched on Instagram to engage with younger people and allow people from Wigan, Leigh and Angers to connect with each other and enjoy the exhibition virtually.

Wigan Borough has been twinned with Angers with more than 33 years, developed after a cultural exchange between two colleges in the late 1970s, and made official in 1988.

The twinning has evolved over the years and now involves a wide network of organisations, businesses, schools, colleges and sports, culture and community groups.

The photographs are free to view between 10am-2pm everyday, Monday to Friday, and will be on display throughout the Wigan Arts Festival until August 14.

For those who cannot visit the library, the photographs can be accessed on Instagram through @ambassadress_from_angers

For more information, please visit and search “town twinning”.