MOTORISTS who filmed the scene of a fatal crash on the M6 on their phones could be prosecuted.

This is according to North West Motorway Police, which revealed that 48 people were witnessed videoing the crash on the M6 last week.

Three lorries were involved in the collision on southbound carriageway between junction 20 for Lymm Interchange and junction 19, Knutsford at around 12.40pm on Thursday, July 8.

One motorist died at the scene and three other people received what were believed to be minor injuries.

Those who filmed the scene will receive letters of intended prosecution through the post, with it being an offence to use handheld phones while driving.

A notice of intended prosecution is a letter from the police that informs the receiver that police are considering prosecution for a driving offence.

This will not necessarily happen, but the police are legally required to inform people it is a possibility within 14 days of an alleged offence.

Posting on social media, North West Motorway Police said: “On July 8 our Cheshire Police Roads and Crime Unit for the North West Motorway Police group was dealing with a fatal collision on the M6 southbound.

“To the 48 people seen/witnessed videoing the incident from their handheld mobile phones on the northbound carriageway while passing the incident, your details have now been provided to us and a letter of prosecution is in the post to you.

“It is an offence to use a handheld mobile phone while driving.

“Furthermore, it is insensitive to video the scene of such a devastating incident whereby family, colleagues, friends may well not be aware of the incident.”

Both carriageways were shut to assist emergency services following the crash, while six fire engines attended the scene.