POLICE have arrested another teenage boy in connection with anti-social behaviour in Leigh town centre. 

The Journal reported after a 14-year-old boy was arrested in connection with alleged anti-social behaviour in the town centre, including a reported incident of 'bus surfing'.

Officers have now also arrested a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of numerous offences including a racially aggravated public order offence; racially aggravated harassment; racially aggravated criminal damage; an offence under the Firearms Act and an offence relating to alleged 'bus surfing'.

Neighbourhood Inspector Andrew Smith said: "These are all offences relating to recent anti-social behaviour in Leigh Town Centre.

"Both boys have been released on bail and their conditions now prevent them from entering an area that includes most of Leigh town centre."

Insp Smith added there have also been reports of anti-social behaviour on Marsh Playing Fields.

He said: "In terms of anti-social behaviour we're aware of fires being repeatedly started on Marsh Playing Fields, off Wigan Road.

"Not only is it dangerous, and a waste of our Fire Service colleagues' time tying them up when they may be needed to save lives elsewhere, it's also ruining a great resource for the community.

"We'll be increasing our patrols. If this is your children (one of the girls present on the playing fields last night was aged 13) please stop them now before we do it by arresting them for committing arson."

Insp Smith added: "Sticking to Marsh Playing Fields and the subject of people intent on ruining things, we received reports last night of off road bikes on there again.

"Recently they've been riding them whilst people have actually been playing football matches. Again, this selfish behaviour not only puts players at risk but also churns up the pitch and ruins it for the whole community.

"Our colleagues from the Atherton Neighbourhood Team popped up there last night and seized one of the bikes despite the best efforts of the rider to get it away and it's now destined for the crusher. We'd love to have a chat with one of the riders in particular who was wearing a red helmet and camouflage clothing, so do feel free to get in touch with us at wiganeast@gmp.police.uk and we can arrange that. It would be lovely.

"Finally, we've been out on patrol again in Higher Folds, and also on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in response to concerns about drug dealing .

"We know that the canal is somewhere that many members of the community feel unsafe and we'll be continuing to work on that. There's a new tool available where you can anonymously highlight on a map public places where you have felt, or feel unsafe because of environmental issues (e.g. street lighting, vandalism) or because of other behaviours (e.g. being followed, or verbally abused). If there's anywhere in Wigan and Leigh where you feel that's an issue please highlight it on the Streetsafe site anonymously so that the police and local authority can prioritise improvements in the right areas: StreetSafe | https://crowd.in/QdDdON (https://crowd.in/MhUbQC)".