A CAMPAIGN which has been working to ensure the legacy of a Leigh-born punk icon lives on has teamed up with a record shop.

Pete Shelley, founder of the Buzzcocks, died in December 2018.

But a memorial campaign wants to ensure he is remembered in his hometown and to inspire others from a similar background to him to achieve success.

There have been live music fundraising events an online auctions which have raised nearly £20,000.

Now the campaign has teamed up with X Records on Bridge Street in Bolton.

Owner Steve Meekings was a fan of Shelley's and is now selling merchandise and taking donations at the shop for the cause.

The long term goal is to host live music events to raise more funds for the campaign.

Shelley studies humanities at Bolton Tech, where he met Howard Devoto with whom he formed the Buzzcocks.

Mr Meekings said: “I’ve been a big fan of Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks since the early days, and saw them live in Bolton when I was a young lad of 17.

"I’ve seen them live countless times since, I’m very proud to play my part in a memorial for Pete Shelley and it is fully deserved.

“He was credited for bringing Punk out of London to Manchester, and he was the pioneer of independent music”.

Paul Lally, founder of the memorial campaign said Leigh and Bolton were working together.

He said: “The campaign has brought people together from all over the UK to raise funds for the memorial.

"Bolton played a massive part in Pete’s life and his career, and Leigh and Bolton working together to reach our aims is heart warming”.