LEIGH's musical heroes have been celebrating the release of their second album this month, charting alongside some bona-fide global superstars.

Released in "by far the most difficult month to release music", The Lottery Winners were up against some of the biggest names in the industry upon their new release, which included Adele, ABBA, Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

Over the festive period, the competition is even tougher with the numerous Christmas releases which inevitably take up some high ranking spots.

However, unfazed by rubbing shoulders with such big hitters, 'Something to Leave the House For' became the band's first top 20 album on Friday, December 10 - taking the number 11 spot in the run up to Christmas.

In the independent charts, the album reached the number two spot, while reaching number ten in the vinyl charts, number one in the iTunes Alternative chart, and number five in the overall iTunes chart.

Leigh Journal: Thom Rylance on stage (Pic: Mark Rider)Thom Rylance on stage (Pic: Mark Rider)

Lead singer of The Lottery Winners, Thom Rylance, said: "It's such a big achievement to reach the position that we did.

"It's by far the most difficult month to release music and we had genuine global superstars above us - or we would have reached the top ten.

"The number of sales to be amongst them is incredible, and the response for the album in general has been overwhelming."

Working on their music for more than 13 years, the albums chart position is testament to the group's graft to continue with their dream, nurture their sound and build a fanbase.

And while the pandemic impacted the Lottery Winners' ability to promote and tour their debut album last year, the four-piece used their time productively by writing three albums worth of material - as well as releasing covers online and creating their own independent TV show which attracted some celebrity guests.

Building their platform online, this has helped open even more opportunities for the band, who have collaborated and supported a number of high ranking acts.

Thom said: "After the show - which is now on Sky TV - we went on to collaborate on a single with Frank Turner and support Rick Astley at the Manchester Arena.

"I've even been ringing up Boy George recently and sending him some music to put his vocals too. It's weird."

Leigh Journal: The Lottery WinnersThe Lottery Winners

As the band members have dedicated so much of their life towards The Lottery Winners, Thom said it feels "really rewarding" to be reaping the rewards and recognition that they are receiving at present.

And after supporting names such as Rick Astley, Shed Seven, Kaiser Chiefs and Tom Jones, the band have gone on to sell out their own shows at the Manchester Ritz and an orchestra-backed performance at the Lowry Theatre in Salford.

Leigh Journal: 'Something to Leave the House For' is available to buy and stream on all major platforms'Something to Leave the House For' is available to buy and stream on all major platforms

Thom added: "We've been lucky enough to play in some amazing venues and to hear 1500 people sing your songs back to you is absolutely crazy.

"I've always believed in the band - I wouldn't have sacrificed so much if I didn't - but it has sky rocketed recently and it makes me feel a bit emotional."

Building on the success of 'Something to Leave the House For', the four-piece have a busy 2022 to look forward to, including tours in the UK, Europe, America and festivals.