AN INCREASING amount of rubbish and fly-tipping has angered residents in Leigh and the surrounding areas over the past few months. 

As well as being an eyesore for residents and a blight on the environment, it is a criminal offence to fly-tip with a maximum fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment.

However, many people have bemoaned the recurring sight of rubbish being dumped around their communities.

Leigh Journal: A fridge freezer dumped on Common LaneA fridge freezer dumped on Common Lane

On Common Lane in Tyldesley, there have been numerous instances of fly-tipping with masses of household waste and even a fridge freezer left on the road.

With images circulating on Facebook, it was described as "disgusting" and "so disrespectful", with others suggesting it could be the same suspects continuing the crime.

Another incident was reported this morning (Thursday, February 10) with couches being left at the side of the road in the Crankwood area.

Leigh Journal: Couches strewn over the side of the Road in CrankwoodCouches strewn over the side of the Road in Crankwood (Image: Facebook)

In Glebe Street, there have been numerous reports of fly-tipping over the years with one resident claiming the alleyway has constantly been used as a "rubbish dump".

Speaking to the Journal, he explained that rats were often seen around the mounting rubbish bags.

Leigh Journal: Some of the rubbish piled up in the alleyway of Glebe StreetSome of the rubbish piled up in the alleyway of Glebe Street (Image: Leigh Journal)

Leigh Journal: The increasing problem was cleared by council officers last monthThe increasing problem was cleared by council officers last month (Image: Facebook)

Following reports of this increasing problem, council officers were able to clear this mess on Glebe Street last month.

Paul Barton, Wigan Council’s director of environment, said: “Fly-tipping is a criminal offence, blights our environment and is expensive to clean up. By disposing of waste responsibly and by recycling waste correctly it helps protect our environment and helps to keep our council tax low.

“Thanks to reports from residents, we are aware of these incidents which allows us to act swiftly to resolve the issue.

“We ask all residents to send as much information about incidents of environmental crime, including descriptions of the perpetrator, vehicle registrations or home addresses where possible so we can take action.”

To report an incident of environmental crime such as fly-tipping or dog fouling visit