Leeds-based flooring supplier Stories Flooring has introduced a brand new LVT range to rival leading brands. The Lusso Bentley flooring collection is a luxurious, affordable range that easily competes with the likes of Karndean and Amtico.

Suitable for both residential and commercial environments, discover more about this impressive new collection below.

Lusso Bentley Portofino – the striking new LVT range

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The Lusso Bentley Portofino collection has been developed to offer luxury flooring at a budget-friendly price. Available exclusively at Stories Flooring, this new range offers hyper-realistic wood effect designs to suit any interior.

Durable and built to last, these impressive floors can be installed in both residential and commercial environments. They require a Gluedown installation, providing a secure and stable finish. So, how do they compare to leading brands?

How does Lusso Bentley flooring compare to Karndean LVT?

Lusso Bentley flooring may be new to the market, but it is already proving a fierce rival to brands such as Karndean. When compared side by side, Lusso Bentley and Karndean floors are almost identical. In some areas, Lusso Bentley floors even come out on top.

Both the Karndean and the Lusso Bentley collections are made to last. They each offer a 0.55mm wear layer, enabling them to be fitted in high-traffic areas. Both collections also require a Gluedown installation, helping to provide a stable and long-lasting finish. However, Lusso Bentley LVT floors come with a longer warranty, making them better value for money. They offer a lifetime residential and a 15-year commercial warranty.

Leigh Journal: Portofino English oakPortofino English oak

Like Karndean flooring, Lusso Bentley Portofino floors are fully waterproof. This means you can install a striking wood effect in areas such as the bathroom. It also helps to make maintaining the floors a breeze.

For maximum comfort all year round, the floors can be installed with underfloor heating. You will need to make sure that your system is compatible in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Both flooring collections offer a naturally warm and comfortable feel underfoot.

Those concerned with protecting the environment can rest assured that the Lusso Bentley range has been developed using eco-friendly practices. Stories Flooring cares about its impact on the environment, constantly finding new ways to make flooring more sustainable.

Leigh Journal: Portofino limed ashPortofino limed ash

In terms of quality and design, the Lusso Bentley Portofino range easily rivals Karndean floors. The only significant difference between the two is the cost. The Lusso Bentley LVT range is offered at almost half the price of Karndean floors, yet it boasts the exact same performance.

You can purchase the Lusso Bentley Portofino range exclusively through Stories Flooring today. With 20 unique wood effect designs available, you are sure to find something to match your preferences.

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