HUNDREDS of residents were hit by a power cut on Monday evening.

A total of 443 properties in Golborne were affected by a loss of electricity.

The incident was reported shortly before 8pm.

The power cut was caused by "an unexpected incident on a high voltage cable", said Electricity North West.

This centred on Ashton Road. 

Power was restored by 11.40pm.

Affected postcodes were: WA3 3UL, WA3 3TJ, WA3 3TN, WA3 3GR, WA3 3TW, WA3 3TL, WA3 3TU, WA3 3TP, WA3 3UR, WA3 3TZ, WA3 3TF, WA3 3DU, WA3 3UH, WA3 3TS, WA3 3UW, WA3 3DY, WA3 3DR, WA3 3UN, WA3 3XJ, WA3 3DX, WA3 3TY, WA3 3TH, WA3 3TG, WA3 3TX, WA3 3UA, WA3 3TE, WA3 3UD, WA3 3GS, WA3 3BF, WA3 3UJ, WA3 3DP, WA3 3DT, WA3 3EQ, WN4 8YE, WA3 3EG, WA3 3AY, WA3 1ZZ, WA3 3UU, WA3 3UF, WN4 8YB, WN4 8YA, WA3 3UQ, WA3 3DA, WA3 3UG, WA3 3UB