THE COST of living crisis has resulted in an increasing number of people needing the services of Artherton & Leigh Foodbank.

Since Christmastime, the number of people using the hubs across Leigh, Atherton, and Platt Bridge is reported to have risen by more than 170% for adults and 150% for children.

Likely as a result of the cost of living crisis, this increase in usage is expected to continue as the UK energy price cap was increased at the start of April - causing further expected increases in gas and fuel bills. 

Although the team are handing out between four and five tonnes of food every month, they are still struggling to meet the demand at present.

Leigh Journal: Warren (right) with donations of Easter Eggs to the foodbankWarren (right) with donations of Easter Eggs to the foodbank

Warren Done, project manager at Atherton & Leigh Foodbank, said: "We always have amazing people who help us out by buying food and essentials - or local businesses dropping off big donations.

"But we are giving out more than we are receiving at the moment. It is a killer with all the gas and electric bills going up."

Encouraging people to donate whatever they can afford, Warren said he is confident that the community will continue to support one another during this difficult time.

Leigh Journal: Another drop-off donation at the foodbankAnother drop-off donation at the foodbank

Warren added: "When something [like the cost of living crisis] is happening, people always try to do what they can to help.

"Without the community of Leigh and Atherton, we wouldn't be able to continue what we are doing it."

Donations can be made at Leigh Baptist Church, Kingsleigh Methodist Church, Atherton Parish Church and Olympic House, Platt Bridge.