A TEAM of around 150 volunteers have not given up the search for the missing Haydn Griffiths, whose sister said if anyone has the chance of survival, it is him.

Haydn Griffiths, a member of Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club, was reported missing at around 10.30pm on Tuesday, July 19.

It is believed that he had been swimming in the River Mersey, close to New Brighton, attempting to swim to the windmills north of the Wirral coast.

Extensive searches had been carried out by the RNLI, police and firefighters, but these have since been stepped down.

Leigh Journal: Haydn had been swimming in the River Mersey on Tuesday, July 19Haydn had been swimming in the River Mersey on Tuesday, July 19

Haydn, who turns 24 today (Friday, July 22), is described as a “real athlete” and a “very proficient” sailor and swimmer.

As around 150 volunteers have helped in the search for him, his sister Meg said she is “staying strong” in the continuing operation.

Meg said: “Haydn is a real athlete. He has been sailing and swimming from a very young age and is super competent at open water swimming.

“He’s grown up on the water and he knows the weather and waves, so if anyone has got a chance of surviving this, it’s Haydn.”

Leigh Journal: Haydn has been a member of Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club for 17 yearsHaydn has been a member of Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club for 17 years

After putting out appeals to help in the search for Haydn, Meg said that around 150 people have been combing the beaches and coastline along the Mersey.

She added: “The support we have had from people has been incredible. We have about 150 people on a Whatsapp group, including family, friends, and strangers, all trying to find him.

“There’s been people on jet skis, boats, and people using drones to look for him. We’re so lucky for all of this and it’s giving us the best chance of finding him.”

Leigh Journal: Around 150 volunteers have helped with the searchAround 150 volunteers have helped with the search

Living across the road from Pennington Flash, Haydn has been a member of Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club since the age of six.

Mike Barnes, the Sailing Club President, said that Haydn is “one of the best sailors” who have come through their sailing programme, adding that he is a “fantastic young man” with “huge potential”.

As Haydn was swimming in the hot weather on Tuesday evening, Meg thinks he was swimming out to the wind farms and may have got stung by a jellyfish as the tides began to turn.

She said his friend could still hear his shouts as she swam back to the coast for help, and believes he could be washed up and injured along the coastline.

Leigh Journal: Meg said Haydn has the "warmest heart"Meg said Haydn has the "warmest heart"

Continuing the fight to find her brother, Meg added: “You look at Haydn and he’s this big handsome giant but he has the warmest heart; everybody loves him.

“We are so lucky to have so much support from everybody. People have really pulled together so I can’t give up on him.

“He is a trained athlete and has a strong mindset so I believe he is still out there.

“I’m staying strong and keeping hope for as long as possible - I’ve got to for my parents and grandparents.

“We have got to find him.”

If you see Haydn or have any information, please contact the police via @MerPolCC on Twitter, 'Merseyside Police Contact Centre' or on Facebook, 101, quoting reference 22000518807.