A VOLUNTEER said that the Women's Euros celebrated the best of Leigh and proves that the town has the capacity to host future sporting events.

A team of around 40 volunteers assisted with the four football matches that took place at Leigh Sports Village during the tournament.

This included helping fans get to the ground safely, looking after groups in the town centre fan zone, directing them to local establishments, and assisting with any other general queries.

Despite not knowing any of the other volunteers before, Alan Boardman said that the "wonderful" group helped to make sure that the visiting fans had the best possible experience in Leigh.

Leigh Journal: A Dutch fan on the fan parade ahead of their game against PortugalA Dutch fan on the fan parade ahead of their game against Portugal

Alan, a retired pensioner from Leigh, said: "The volunteers were a wonderful group of people that I have never met before, but did all they could to help the fans on the day of the games.

"There were volunteers from Leigh, Atherton, and Tyldesley helping out, and even people from as far as Southport, all supporting the fans and making sure they were well looked after.

"The fans were amazing at each of the games and many of them said how good of a host city we were. It's put Leigh on the map."

Leigh Journal: Leigh Sports Village hosted four games across the tournamentLeigh Sports Village hosted four games across the tournament

After hosting supporters from across Europe, Alan said that the tournament proves that Leigh has the capability to host similar events in the future, starting with the Rugby League World Cup in October.

Following Leigh's final game in the quarter-final, the Mayor of Wigan Marie Morgan showed her appreciation to the group of volunteers at Leigh Parish Church and thanked them all for their service.

Leigh Journal: Dutch fans having a drink at Leigh's town centre fan zoneDutch fans having a drink at Leigh's town centre fan zone

Alan, 68, added: "With England winning and hosting such a successful tournament, I think it's a real push forward for women's football.

"When I was back in school it was a big no-no for girls to play football, so seeing the women win the Euros is a great thing for young girls to see and get involved in the game."