LABOUR candidate Jo Platt claims that Liz Truss's pledges to cut taxes will not make life easier for the people of Leigh.

Ms Platt has spoken out ahead of Liz Truss's visit to Leigh today (Wednesday, August 10), where the prospective Prime Minister will be answering questions from GB News viewers.

During the cost-of-living crisis, Truss has pledged to cut taxes if she's selected as Prime Minister.

Leigh Journal: Liz Truss will visit Leigh on Wednesday, August 10 (Pic: PA)Liz Truss will visit Leigh on Wednesday, August 10 (Pic: PA) (Image: PA)

This will be done by scrapping April's National Insurance rise, cancelling planned corporation tax rises and temporarily suspending green levies on energy companies to make bills cheaper.

However, she has refused to commit to any further support to help people with their energy bills.

Jo Platt, who was recently selected to be Labour's candidate in the next General Election, said she is seriously concerned about Truss' pledges.

Leigh Journal: Jo Platt was recently selected as the Labour candidate for LeighJo Platt was recently selected as the Labour candidate for Leigh

Ms Platt said: "How exactly will tax cuts help the people of Leigh?

"Millions are facing the bleakest winter in living memory and instead of helping those people, who are already in the thick of a cost-of-living crisis, Truss wants to cut taxes to benefit those that can afford it.

"The situation that the people of Leigh are facing is awful - energy prices are set to rise to £4,000 for the average household in October and The Bank of England has predicted that inflation will soar to 13%.

"Tax cuts will only add fuel to the fire - leading to further rises.

"As Liz Truss is coming to Leigh, what I want to know is how will she help the vulnerable, our pensioners and families within our constituency, who are facing going to bed hungry and cold this winter?

"It seems that Truss is only concerned about the wealthiest in society.

"Why else is she pledging to cut taxes, whilst refusing to commit to any increase in benefits, or any further energy bill rebates, during the biggest financial crisis in a generation?".

Liz Truss has said she will help fund her tax cuts policies by paying off the government's covid debt more slowly.

She will be taking questions from voters live in Leigh today for GB News.