A HERD of cows broke through a fence at a nature reserve this morning and went for a wander around the town centre in the early hours.  

Ten Galloway Cattle arrived at Bickershaw Nature Reserve in Westleigh yesterday (Tuesday, August 16), but escaped after breaking through a fence at around 3am.

The cows, which are used to graze fields to maintain the Reserve's habitat, were spotted trotting around the town centre in the early hours.

Leigh Journal: The Galloway Cattle are now back safely at Bickershaw Nature ReserveThe Galloway Cattle are now back safely at Bickershaw Nature Reserve

Police were called and after corralling the cattle in Pataks Foods car park on Kiribati Way, they were returned back to their new home.

Officers have been checking for any damage caused by the cattle, and to see how they managed to escape.

Leigh Journal: Bickershaw Nature ReserveBickershaw Nature Reserve

Head of Communications at Bikershaw Nature Reserve Alan Wright said: “The fence around the reserve is strong but we will be checking it this morning to see why it was breached.

"Apparently, there was some damage to a vehicle and we will be speaking to owner, but, otherwise, the police did a great job in getting the cows into a safe area, and we are really grateful for their help. 

“Our officers have now returned the cattle to their new home and they seem to be settling into happily after their adventure.”