A DIGITAL expert is helping local businesses stand out following a fast-paced career in London.

Mark Nightingale, a graphic designer, videographer, photographer, and digital marketing expert, set up shop in Leigh after meeting his wife Lyndsey in Westleigh 14 years ago.

With decades of experience in the creative industries, Mark founded Nightingale Digital Art and Image Village LTD with Lyndsey back in 2009, which they operate out of Leigh Spinners Mill.

Leigh Journal: Inside the Image Village studio at Spinners MillInside the Image Village studio at Spinners Mill (Image: NQ)

Content with the cheaper prices and more "laidback" pace of working compared to the capital, Mark and Lyndsey offer media and marketing support to a variety of local businesses.

With a focus on start-ups and independents, this includes logo and website designs, personalised photographs and merchandise, as well as data analysis and digital marketing tips.

The team also work with larger companies and projects such as Wigan Council and RocknStroll.

Leigh Journal: One of Mark's photographsOne of Mark's photographs (Image: Image Village)

Mark said: "I worked for 14 years in a really high-paced lifestyle in London, so it's great to have a more laidback style of working here in Leigh.

"As prices are cheaper here, I can offset this to offer more support to start-ups and independents and really make a difference to their business.

"We use the best equipment to deliver impactful, high-quality media that can really make a business stand out." 

Impressed with the community of local businesses in Leigh town centre and at Spinners Mill, Mark wants to ensure they capitalise on their potential and reach more customers.

In the modern age, he emphasised that "image is everything" to sustain a business.

Leigh Journal: Leigh Spinners Mill merchandise made by Image VillageLeigh Spinners Mill merchandise made by Image Village (Image: Image Village)

Mark added: "There are some outstanding companies in Leigh but a lot of them are not using their full capabilities or utilising the latest technology.

"Image is everything nowadays and it's all about how you present yourself online or on the high street.

"There is also a lot to understand on the marketing side of things, where targeting your demographics online can increase your custom tenfold."

Leigh Journal: Image Village also operates a community interest arm of the businessImage Village also operates a community interest arm of the business (Image: Image Village)

In addition to supporting local businesses in Leigh, Image Village has also expanded to create an educational arm of the company.

Using their equipment at Spinners Mill, the team will offer classes to schoolkids or young adults interested in graphic design, branding, or social media marketing.

To find out more about Image Village LTD, you can find their Facebook site here.

Leigh Journal: Another motorsport image taken by Image VillageAnother motorsport image taken by Image Village (Image: Image Village)