THE Labour candidate for Leigh has said that the opposition party have offered "hope" at their annual conference.

Jo Platt, who was the MP for Leigh between 2017-2019, was present at The Labour Party's Conference in Liverpool this week.

Following the government's controversial 'mini-budget' last week, she believes that Labour offers an alternative choice and are ready to govern.

Leigh Journal: Kier Starmer at the Labour Party ConferenceKier Starmer at the Labour Party Conference (Image: PA)

Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng have come under scrutiny since the announcement of the mini-budget on Friday, September 23.

The budget included cuts to the highest and basic rates of income tax, reverses to the rise in national insurance and corporation tax, scrapping limits of bankers' bonuses and reducing stamp duty for homebuyers.

The government say this will boost economic growth for the country but there have been concerns after the pound hit an all-time low against the US dollar.

Leigh Journal: Liz Truss has come under scrutiny following the government's mini-budget last weekLiz Truss has come under scrutiny following the government's mini-budget last week (Image: PA)

After listening to Labour leader Kier Starmer speak at the party conference this week, Ms Platt said there is an alternative for the people of Leigh.

She said: "This week has been monumental, not just for The Labour Party, but for the country as a whole.

“Last week, Truss’s banker's budget gave handouts to the richest 10% of the country.

"But Keir Starmer has made it clear; there is an alternative and the people of Leigh have a choice.

“Do we want a Government that sits on the side of the extremely wealthy? Or do we want a Government that is on the side of local business and hardworking people?

“Labour wants a fresh start for the country and in his address today, Keir demonstrated that he can offer the people of Leigh a new way of governing.

“The Labour Party will put money and investment back into our towns. We will fund public services, put money back into working people's pockets and create an energy company that is publicly owned.

“The country is being driven into the ground by a Tory government that cares only about the most elite. I think that Keir has given the nation hope today, he has shown that there is another way.”

Leigh Journal: James Grundy, Conservative MP for LeighJames Grundy, Conservative MP for Leigh (Image: James Grundy MP)

James Grundy, the Conservative MP for Leigh, has been approached for a comment on the government's mini-budget.

In a post online, he stated that lower taxes will result in a "growing economy" and "higher wages".