HER Majesty, Queen Elizabeth has been a central figure to the nation for far more than my lifetime and she had been a rock around which technological, cultural and political changes swirled.

As so many commentators have said, we have barely any idea what Her Majesty thought about any of it. This is the correct position for our Monarch whose first duty is to lead and unify. There are plenty of stand-up-comics, media personalities and politicians who can give a view of the world.

Power and authority are central to leaders and government. Rights and responsibilities are central to the Government and to the governed. These qualities have been central to events of recent days even though commentators have focused upon the sad loss of our Monarch, the succession and the pageantry that surrounds it all.

Whilst, as Prince Charles, King Charles expressed views on a wide range of topics, his address to the nation informed us he is going to focus on being our King, leader and unifier.

The French, Americans and others have a politician Head of State. No doubt, there are some advantages but Britain has a better system. Our Head of State is above politics and, as such, can unite the country whilst a political leader, by the nature of politics, will always divide.

These past weeks have been extraordinary for a variety of reasons, not least when we view it though the prism of power and authority. Liz Truss became our new head of Government and King Charles our new Head of State. The King does not hold power but has immense authority whilst the Prime Minister holds great power but her authority can wax and wane with the political tides.

We can imagine many countries where such a profound change would be marked by discontent or even violence. In Britain, the crowds on the streets have been bearing flowers and lamentation tinged with a sense of goodwill towards the new King and Queen consort.

Our system works. Our, sometimes confusing, system works well in the most challenging of times.

We have a parliamentary Monarchy, the Monarch appoints the PM who in turn, on behalf of the Monarch, appoints the Government. If Parliament has no confidence in the Government, we have a General Election and see who emerges to be invited by the Monarch to form the next Government.

The British people have a strong sense of their rights and responsibilities, the Monarch represents the people as do the politicians who in turn also have the duty to govern.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign succeeded because of the balance of power, authority, rights and responsibilities. King Charles’ reign will be equally happy and glorious.

Chris Green is the Mp for Bolton West & Atherton